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Autocare tips, advice and resources to help you maintain your vehicle.

Why Do I Need Tires?

Tires are the most important safety device the vehicle has. They are the only thing that connects the vehicle to the road surface. The illustration below shows the small, but very important contact patch where the vehicle’s tires must maintain contact with the road.

Consider this with all factors listed below when shopping for tires.

When shopping for tires, ask yourself; what did you like or not like about the last tires that were on the vehicle?

*Most importantly ask yourself what you expect from the new tires?

  • The way they look.
  • The performance they deliver.
  • The best tire for safety.
  • The comfort or quietness of the ride.

Many choose to change their tires for the look or to fit new oversized rims or to meet extreme performance expectations. We take pride in finding the right tire for every customer, and we can accommodate all needs for all vehicles. Most people also want to know, why do I need tires, and what caused them to wear out.

Listed below are the most common reasons for tire replacement:

Check the Tread Regularly for Safety Reasons

Replace tires that are too low on tread.

Tires wear normally and over time the grooves/tread become too low to safely grip the road. Most tires have a build in wear bar indicator to let owners know that the tire has reached its replacement point if no other wear pattern problems exist.

Be concerned about tire tread depth difference.

Some vehicles with all-wheel drive functions need all tires to be within a similar tread depth for the vehicle to perform properly.

* When replacing tires in sets of two, this should be considered.

Replace tires that are too old.

There are many different theories on tire life. Recommendations vary from 6-10 years that a tire can be trusted. Many factors lead to tires needing replacement. Consider that all tires have a date and if concerned, customers can have us check the age of the tires.

Replace tires if they are the wrong size or speed rating.

Every vehicle has a recommendation for tire size and speed rating requirement to keep the vehicle safe at all speeds. Caution should be used when deviations from manufacturer’s requirements are used.

Remember: Trailer Tires/Spare Tires

Consider the age of these tires on your vehicles. Are they old? Are they going to be good for the trip? We can check them or replace them when you feel comfortable.

* We recommend all tires match the size and speed rating that the vehicle was designed to operate with.

Always mount the better tires in the rear.

If there is a difference in the tread depth, the best tires should be in the rear. Numerous studies have shown, if the vehicle is front wheel drive or rear wheel drive, the best tires in the rear will control the vehicle better in avoiding accidents.

*We will always mount new tires or rotate tires with the best tread in the rear position of the vehicle for safety.

Replace Damaged Tires

Tires become damaged and many can be repaired, however, some conditions exist where the tire cannot be repaired and must be replaced. These conditions are as follows:


If a screw, nail or other fragment causes a puncture to the tire outside of the tread area, or in the sidewall, the tire will be deemed non-repairable.

Low Pressure

Tires that run low on air and are driven for too long can sustain damage to the sidewall, which will make the tire unsafe.

Impact Breaks

This damages a tire when a vehicle hits a curb, pothole or other serious impact to the tire causing irreparable damage.


Any cut in the tire, which is in the tire tread or sidewall, is likely too large to repair.

Check the Alignment Every Year

Uneven/Poor Tire Wear

Tire wear is caused by alignment problems, as well as, many different conditions. When the tire is worn unevenly, it causes safety concerns and handling problems for the driver.

Common causes for uneven wear on tires are:

  • Poor rotation habits
    • Tires (if they can) should be rotated every 6 -10,000 miles for best tire wear protection.
  • Over/under inflation
    • Tire pressure must be maintained for proper tire wear. Too much or too little pressure will cause tire wear problems leading to premature tire failure.
Alignment Problems

Alignment should be checked every year or when the need arises. Pot holes, minor accidents and component wear contribute to the need for alignment services. When inspecting the vehicle, we check the following, which may be the cause of alignment problems or premature or uneven tire wear, and may require repair services to correct the problem.

  • Shocks/Struts
  • Springs
  • Steering Components
  • Suspension Components
    • Sway Bar Links
    • Control Arms
    • Ball Joints
    • Bushings
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Drive Axles
  • Tire Condition/Pressure

Specialty Reasons

Winter Tires

Special tires are designed and made specifically for ice and snow conditions. These tires are amazing compared to any tires that come standard on any vehicle. When purchasing Winter tires, consider that the mileage will be split between Summer and Winter tires. This will increase the life length for each set of tires for your vehicle.

Unhappy with the Vehicle’s Ride.

New tires are like new shoes for your car. The cushion is back to new and the ride is much better. Many vehicles can be fitted with different types of tires to create a different “feel” for the vehicle.

If you don’t like the feel or the ride of your vehicle, we can inspect the vehicle and fit the tire to your needs.

Hard work Usage/ Abuse

Different driving habits or workloads on a vehicle sometimes dictate the need to change one or two tires prematurely. How the vehicle is being driven or used is the likely cause if a vehicle inspection does not reveal the need for other related repairs.

Noisy Tires

Some customers want their tires noisy and others are bothered by it. Either way we can find the tire for you … quiet or LOUD!

Christmas Presents

A set of tires is an important safety concern for anyone. It also takes a lot of thought to choose the right tire for your loved one. Let us help you pick out the best gift of the year with a new or extra set of tires for your family.

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