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Routine Car Maintenance Is Never a Hassle

At You Neighborhood The Duke of Oil / AutoFix Locations

At Your Neighborhood The Duke of Oil Locations get a Quick Lube and Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles!

Get friendly professional service at all of our The Duke of Oil locations. Each of our locations are staffed with experienced technicians who are ready to help you quickly and efficiently. Whether you need routine maintenance like a quick lube and oil change, or additional automotive repair services, our The Duke of Oil and AutoFix Automotive Repair Centers can provide dependable experienced automotive maintenance in the one convenient location you’ve been searching for.

From a quick lube and oil change to tire rotation and balancing to diagnosing that nagging check engine light, you’ll find a team of helpful qualified professionals waiting to assist you.

Oil Change Services

Let the experts at The Duke of Oil provide a quality quick lube and oil change - and more! Let their knowledge and experience work for you.

Full Synthetic
Best Performance/Cleaning
Best Fuel Economy
Superior Engine Protection
Extreme Temperature Protection
Synthetic Blends
Eco-Friendly Blend
Specifically designed for engines over 75,000 miles
Helps replenish worn and leaky seals
Helps restore lost compression
Helps reduce oil consumption
Environmentally friendly options available
Valvoline Conventional
House Conventional
Good Protection
Good Performance
Good Sludge Protection
Available in most major brands

The Oil Change Includes

  • Change Motor Oil
  • Change Oil Filter
  • Lubricate Chassis
  • Adjust Tire Pressure
  • Check Lights
  • Check Wipers
  • Check Under Hood Fluids
  • Check Battery
  • Check Belts
  • Check Antifreeze/Coolant Protection
  • Provide “PROTECT A CAR” recommendations
  • Provide “FIX A CAR” recommendations
  • Wash Windshield Exterior
  • Fill Washer Fluid
  • Reset Oil Life Indicator (If Applicable)
  • Provide Window Sticker For Next Service
  • Provide Reminder By Mail
  • Provide Free Tire or Fluid Checks Anytime
The Duke of Oil Happy Car Duke of Oil - Animated Car

Save $4.00

On Any Oil Change with Coupon

We check: Air Filter, Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Brake Fluid, Coolant, Tire Pressure, Battery, Belts, Exterior Lights, Wiper Blades

Oil Change Includes:
  • Up to 5 Quarts Conventional Motor Oil (5W20, 5W30, 10W30)
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Lubricate Chassis
  • Fill Washer Fluid
  • Wash Windshield
  • Reset Oil Indicator
  • Provide Reminder By Mail
  • Provide Window Sticker for Next Service
  • Provide Free Tire or Fluid Check Any Time
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