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The Protect a Car Program

The Protect a Car program helps your vehicle live a long healthy life. Check with our staff to customize a plan to meet your needs.

Services Offered

  • 100% synthetic transmission fluid replacement including pre-flush and transmission fluid conditioner. This keeps your transmission protected and your vehicle shifting smooth.

    Additionally, we offer filter and gasket replacement separately.

  • Complete cleaning of the system including fuel injectors, fuel lines and the air / fuel intake. This keeps your vehicle running smooth, improving fuel mileage and maximizing performance.

  • Complete system cleaning of all oil passages inside the engine to allow accurate flow of oil to critical engine parts. This protects your engine to last longer by allowing proper lubrication.

  • Complete pre-flush of the entire cooling system and replacement of the antifreeze / coolant, restoring it to the proper freeze / boil protection. A system conditioner is installed to help protect the radiator, heater core, water pump and related components for longer vehicle life.

  • Complete cleaning of the power steering system including a pre-flush. This service also includes a system conditioner that helps to protect the power steering components and hoses to provide smooth steering.

  • Evacuation of the old fluid, then refill with the new fluid to the proper specifications. This protects the gears and bearings for smooth, cool component operation, allowing for longer vehicle life.

Protect your vehicle with any of our services today or speak with our team about a program option for your vehicle.

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