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The Fix a Car Program ‘F.A.C.T’

The Fix a Car program can keep you and your vehicle safe and protected while saving you money everyday.

Services Offered

  • Available in 3 styles…let us restore your visibility to keep everyone safe in rain and snow driving conditions. Includes installation, saving you time and frustration.

  • See and be seen! Keep important bulbs working to safely maintain proper operation, visibility and compliance with laws. We install: headlights, fog lights, and exterior bulbs.

  • These filters are specially designed to filter air for passengers and to protect vital heater and A/C parts. Includes installation (most cars).

  • A new battery will maintain performance and protect your safety. Installation includes: battery disposal, resetting necessary controls and manufacturer’s warranty.

    *Test your battery every season for proper performance.

  • This belt powers A/C, power steering, alternator and other vital engine functions. Replacing this important belt before it fails helps protect your engine and keep you safely on the road. Includes installation (most cars).

  • Includes complete evaluation then evacuation and recharge of the air conditioning system. R-134a vehicles, up to 2 lbs.

    *Check your A/C system every year for proper performance.

Our staff will provide you with important information regarding your vehicle today as well as a program recommendation.

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